• Erfahren Sie mehr über unsere klinischen Studien!
    Erfahren Sie mehr über unsere klinischen Studien!

Biovailability and the Entourage-Effect are the key to cannabis's effiacy.

The technology PuranoTec® does both.

The CannaXan GmbH provides the pharmaceutical cannabinoid active ingredient CannaXan 701-1.1. It is made from the entire cannabis flower Bedrocan with the PuranoTec manufacturing process for medical use. CannaXan 701-1.1 is a THC-focused SmartLipid and is registered as a pharmaceutical active ingredient in the EUDRACT database by the government of Upper Bavaria. The pharmaceutical cannabinoid active ingredient CannaXan 701-1.1 is processed in the pharmacy into a magistral preparation.

At a later date, CannaXan GmbH will also bring a CBD-focused SmartLipid as a pharmaceutical active ingredient for the production of a magistral preparation to the pharmacies.

A note to patients: For legal reasons, further information on the indication, manufacture, training, prescription of CannaXan prescriptions and the available scientific findings may only be presented to industry, retailers and doctors and pharmacists, but not to the public. If you would like more information about the use of the pharmaceutical active substance CannaXan 701-1.1, detailed information on taking the dose of CannaXan 701-1.1, or everyday information (such as driving ability), please contact your attending physician, who can receive such information from us at any time and discuss it with you.

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Cannabinoids and terpenes are insoluble in water and therefore poorly bioavailable.

PuranoTec® changes that.

PuranoTec® is a technological breakthrough in cannabismedicine. The process makes water-insoluble substances bioavailable without the addition of chemical solvents.

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Cannabinoids + Terpenes = the Entourage-Effect

The entourage-effect improves the efficacy of medicinal cannabis products.

The entourage effect is more than the sum of the individual active ingredients. It is the synergistic interaction of all cannabinoids and terpenes. Only then does the full efficacy potential of a medicinal cannabis product reveal itself.

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Biovailability + the Entourage Effect = efficient cannabis product

It's the combination that makes it.

Bioavailability together with the entourage effect is the combination that is needed for an effective medicinal cannabis product.

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Clinical trials for the proof of clinical efficacy

Together with clinical experts, we are investigating the effectiveness of CannaXan for various indications in double-blind, controlled studies.

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Clinical experts, scientists and experienced managers synergistically cultivate logo-cannaxan.png


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